Chaos Rings 3: Review – It’s Amazing!!

Chaos Rings 3 is full-scale RPG series for smartphone devices. The game has deep storyline, high-quality soundtrack and more.


A floating continent high in the sky, you can find New Paleo. There is also gigantic space colony Teia floats nearby its home planet Marble Blue – a beautiful and vast world full of mysteries and wonders in form of magic treasures in crystal form known as “Gifts”, since they are “presents given by the planet itself”. Explorers from all across the land flock to this hub city, seeking to fulfill their dreams and desires. But this is but a brief stop before their journey to their true destination, the azure planet of Marble Blue. To aid them in the search for those rare items, people use the power of “Genes”, which are heroic spirits in the form of cards. However, since exploring those lands can get really dangerous, people must become “Explorers”, the most popular career in this society.



Nasca – a 16 years old boy who dreams of accomplishing what his father couldn’t: Finding “Paradiso” – the place of rest for many fantastic treasures.




Leary – becomes an Explorer together with Nasca and joins his team. She is able to use mysterious powers and comes from an uncommon origin. She is desperately looking for her father, who was kidnapped by another Explorer who is on the “black list” of the organization.


C2Daisuke – is the most normal human being on the main party, he’s too concerned with his mother well-being. She has an incurable illness, which is why he became an explorer. Power of miracles from Gifts might be something that would be able to cure his mother.



Eruru – daughter of Mariaeve. She lived in a garden together with her mother for over a thousand years. Nasca was her only contact with the outside world and she was fascinated by the stories of his adventures.


C4Patty is Nasca little sister. She is only 7, but much more mature than most characters in the party. She became a skilled “house-wife”, because she is always take care of the laundry, cleaning and cooking all by herself.



Alfred – is one of the most important characters to the main plot and his back story is the most tragic of the whole game! Once one of the strongest Explorers and a member of the council who secretly governs the world.





Chaos Rings 3 is a turn-based, single-player RPG that uses familiar spell and item names, with a familiar mission-based structure and emphasis on rounding out a collection of special gene attacks, it’s a massive tonal shift from the rather unique flavor of the Chaos Rings games prior to this one. Cold, immaculate spaces give way to lush, vibrant vistas. Grizzled, aged protagonists have handed off to a pack of veritable high school kids. While it has its moments, it never quite hits the sort of oppressive tension the older games did.


In addition to the story mode, there’s a battle mode where you can take your characters into the arena to face various challenges. Included in these challenges are special timed events where you can earn some nice rewards. Any experience points you earn in this mode carry over to the main game, so if you feel like you need a little boost and run out of side missions to take on, you have the option to do so here. The whole time you’re fighting in battle mode, a couple of characters from the main story will be providing commentary. It’s pretty funny stuff at times, but the English version makes no attempt to translate it at all, so unless you understand Japanese, all you’ll really get out of it is the feeling, I think.


I still think the rare currency is pretty suspicious, but it ended up being a non-factor over the course of the game. The game gives some to you every day, and you can earn more by doing side missions. It’s pretty easy to rack up a good bunch as a result, but if you’re the sort that plans to binge on the game, you’ll probably have to make do without for the most part. The coins are used for a number of purposes including drawing random gene cards, buying keys to open golden chests, picking up powerful items, continuing if you’re wiped out in battle, and buying buffs to use in the arena, but you can easily beat the game without any of those things.


As you would expect from a Chaos Rings game, the presentation is outstanding. The visuals are gorgeous, the music is varied and catchy, and it all runs very smoothly. The UI is exceptionally well-designed given all of the things it needs to handle, and the game offers a nice array of options to fiddle around with, including the ability to download the extra chapters before you unlock them, in case you happen to be out and about when you hit a chapter end.


The Good

  • A great, original RPG experience built from the ground-up for mobile.
  • The story keeps you hooked.
  • Swapping out genes instead of upgrading characters directly give players plenty of flexibility.

 The Bad

  • It can be hard to know which genes to focus on and which to discard in fusing and upgrading.

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